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Owner, Signature Visual Artist

Every wedding is its own beautiful love story, and if there's one thing I adore, it's a heartwarming love tale! I'm not just saying this; I'm the guy who gets teary-eyed during the exchange of vows, every single time.


My passion for photography started young, leading me down a path where I captured everything from architectural wonders to fashion-forward moments. But weddings? Oh, they have a special place in my heart!


Here's a fun tidbit: I planned my entire wedding. Yep, my amazing wife handed the reins over to me, and I dove headfirst into every detail! Speaking of my wife, she often teases that I'm the best girlfriend she has, thanks to my eye for design and my love for all things beautiful - whether it's the latest fashion, the most exquisite flowers, a breathtaking landscape, or the pure magic of a wedding.

And a little paws for thought – I'm an absolute animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs! If your furry friend makes an appearance at your wedding, rest assured, your pup will get its own mini photoshoot. Because, let's face it, it's their big day too!

Beyond the camera, I'm a devoted husband, a dad to two fantastic adult children, and the proudest pop-pop to the sweetest baby girl. My goal is not just to be your photographer, but also a friend you'd love to have around, even after the confetti settles. Let's create memories sprinkled with fun, laughter, and, of course, your enchanting love story! 

A collection from David Arnold's portfolio of stunning visuals that have graced the pages of prestigious magazines worldwide, including the iconic Vogue.


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Corey is not just any photographer; he's a presence that truly lights up any room! Often described as the life of the party, you'll definitely spot him – probably with his trusty camera in hand, ready to capture the magic. As the lead photographer, Corey's got an impeccable eye for detail, particularly when it comes to weddings. It's not just a job for him, but a craft he's deeply passionate about.

Outside of wedding photography, Corey is a dedicated father, always beaming with pride when talking about his family. And if there's one thing he loves nearly as much as photography, it's food! This passion translates into some drool-worthy food photography that showcases his diverse talents. And speaking of his dedication, here's a fun fact: Corey always has his camera with him. Yes, always! Bump into him on a casual Friday night out, and there it is – his beloved camera, ready to capture the spontaneity of life. 

With Corey by your side on your big day, whether as a lead or second photographer, you're guaranteed vibrant, candid moments that will make your heart skip a beat every time you revisit them. 

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Weddings by David Arnold Photo and FIlm.
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